About CTC

We want to inspire you to explore Canada.

In 1995, our government established the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) to promote the growth and profitability of Canada. In 2001, the CTC became a Crown corporation of the federal government. Here is our official, legislated mandate:

  • sustain a vibrant and profitable Canadian tourism industry
  • market Canada as a desirable tourist destination
  • support a cooperative relationship between the private sector and the governments of Canada, the province and the territories with respect to Canadian tourism
  • provide information about Canadian tourism to the private sector and to the governments of Canada, the provinces and territories.

Our goal at the CTC is to grow export revenues and inspire the world to explore Canada. We work with the tourism industry to:

  • market Canada as a four season destination;
  • conduct research; and
  • foster the development of market-ready products that meet consumers’ needs.

We produce lots of publications including tourism intelligence bulletins, market research reports, information on travel trends and motivations to assist small and medium sized businesses, and much more. The CTC also publishes and distributes CTC News to stakeholders and other interested parties. 

If you’re interested in learning more, visit www.canada.travel/corporate.

Keep exploring.