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Contact your CTC Travel Trade Manager.

Visit the Manage Account page.

Visit the Manage Account page.

Yes, you can, just remember your login information.

You will be informed of which questions were not answered correctly and given the opportunity to consult the modules to then correct these answers.

To pass the CSP and gain certification, you must get a minimum score of 80 per cent on each module quiz.

You will be tested on the material in the module you have just completed. You will not be tested on general knowledge not included in the module, nor will you be tested on material that is presented in the resource material. Resource material is accessible after you have passed the module quiz.

To become a Canada Specialist and enjoy its benefits, we must ensure that agents have a certain knowledge about Canadian experiences before full accreditation is granted.

The CTC takes the CSP accredditation seriously and aims to ensure consumers gain value in visiting Canada Specialist agents.

You must begin with the introductory module, but after that you can complete the learning modules in any order you like. There is no need to complete the CSP program in the order the modules are presented.

No problem, the program will remember where you left off.

All of the content can be printed, for interactive presentations just press the text view icon. You must complete the quiz online.

The CTC identifies key markets yearly and is bound by decisions from its Board of Directors and stakeholders to invest only in those markets.

If taking the CSP outside of the active countries, you will be able to print a CSP certificate. No other benefits will be available to you.

Yes, but only in the languages of the active countries. And you will not receive the program benefits.

The Canadian Tourism Commission offers the program in the USA, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, China, India. Full benefits apply to these markets only.

We suggest you refresh you Canadian travel knowledge yearly.

The faster you complete CSP, the faster you'll have access to its benefits. You have one year to complete the CSP program. You will receive a reminder if your account has been inactive for three months.

You must also be a registered travel agent and agree to the program Terms and Conditions.

Because you will receive certification and benefits. You will be recognized within the travel trade as a Canada Specialist.

The Canada Specialist Program is an educational tool designed by the CTC to train travel trade professionals like you about travel to Canada.